The fundamental concept behind Vastu Shastra is Vastu Shilp Science. There is a delicate combination of the following: "BalbodhJyotish" VastuShastra, VastuSamuchay, VastuShilpkala, ShilpShastra, VastuDipika, VastuMimansha and finally our indigenous Research and Experience to the Magnitude of Fructification of VastuShastra rules and regulations.

Vastu Consultation for Homes

Our services for VastuShastra for home cover basic customs of the VastuShastra for new structures as well as old structures. This is meant for PoojaSthan or prayer room, main gate, main door, internal doors, library, in-house office, master bedroom, kids rooms, kids bedrooms, guest bedroom, parents’ bedroom, study room, staircases, windows, basement, laundry room, water tanks, garden, water connection, electrical connection, flooring, parking area, colour code, garage, storeroom, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets, dining space, ladies’ room, plantation, landscaping, outhouse, swimming pool etc.

Vastu Consultation for Factories/Industries/Shopping Malls

Our diverse services for VastuShastra for factories, industrial compounds and shopping malls encompass fundamental rules of the VastuShastra for new plots as well as already constructed factory sheds. These services are designed forPoojaSthan or prayer area, main door, main gate, loading/unloading area, server room, heating/cooling plants, electrical room, light connection, reception counter, drainage connection,water connection, chairperson’s cabin, marketing staff's cabin, accountant's cabin, research laboratory, cold storage, HRD's cabin, showroom, conference room, washrooms, plant and positioning of machines from raw materials to finished goods cycle, staff area, control room, generator, security cabin, and gardening with open land as per ISO norms.

Vastu Consultation for Offices/Shops/Commercial Premises

Our top-class services for VastuShastra for Offices/Shops include simplepatterns of the VastuShastra for new shop/offices as well as already furnished shops and offices. The services are well planned for PoojaSthan or prayer area, opening side of door, main entrance, guest sitting, consulting area, accountant’s office, pantry, storage room, washrooms, advertising tips,display, cash counter, customer movement, colour code of the day, and propitious days.

Vastu Consultation for Construction Sites/Projects

Our top-notch services associated with VastuShastra for construction sites and projects incorporate uncomplicated patterns of the VastuShastra for new structures as well as already constructed schools, hospitals, buildings, tenements, condominiums, apartments, Villas, Townhouses, individual bungalows, educational institutions, theaters, hotels, etc. The services are thoughtfully aimed at PoojaSthan or prayer area, main gate, main door, light connection, parking lot, reception, electrical/furnace room, water heater, elevator, staircases, borewell, estate, gardens, sitting arrangement, arrangement of rooms and beds, operation theater,professional’s cabin,etc.

Pricing for services


1hour consultation at our office or online over phone, e-mail or Skype
US $ 299.00*


includes personalized visit to premises and basic guidelines to resolve problems
US $ 499.00*


includes detailed consultation with personalised Vastu report
US $ 599.00*


includes 2 personalized visits to any premises of your choice before you buy
US $ 699.00*


includes personalized visit for one location anywhere in Canada, USA or India
US $ 999.00*


includes personalized visit to premises and detailed guideline to construct new property
US $ 1499.00*


includes personalized visit to premises from 08:00am to 04:00pm
US $ 1999.00*


includes personalized visit to premises anywhere in world for one day
US $ 2999.00*


includes customised services as per customer's need
US $ 0.00#

*All above mentioned charges are for the first 1000 sq ft., additional charges will apply accordingly.
#Customised service charges are depend on telephonic talk with Mr. Kalpesh Joshi.

Refund Policy, Terms & Conditions
  • For securing an appointment for site visit, please make 100% payment in advance
  • Promotions cannot be combined
  • You must inform beforehand if you are using a gift card and/or gift certificate at the time of making an appointment.
  • If the site is within a radius of 100 km of any of our offices, you don't have to pay for any additional travelling expenses.
  • If the site is located anywhere outside our office radius, travelling expenses and accommodation costs as per company standard will be charged
  • Once paid, Consultation Fee cannot be transferred or refunded
  • A written report will be given to the clients after 2 weeks of visit for the Detailed Vastu Consultation.
  • After recommended changes are made, it would take approximately 90 to 180 days for specified effect(s) of Vastu Shastra as laid down by the report.
  • Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are spirituality-based sciences. So, we do not guarantee for exact effect or any consequences after you make any changes
  • Once you made changes advised by the Vastu Consultant, and then you decide to do any further changes later on, then it is advisable that you consult us once again to make sure you are doing the right modification.
  • Always remember that the success of our services will depend on your faith in Vastu Shastra & Feng Shui for improved results.

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