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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your home, your garden and your business environment. By the simple reorganization of your surroundings on the key principles of movement, light and order, a transformation in your fortunes can be accomplished.

The Feng Shui practitioner arranges the home to bring “good luck” to these areas and to make sure the chi flows smoothly so that each area on the bagua map is nurtured and energized


Traditionally in China there would be an area in the home where a statue would be placed to provide a focus for spirituality. This -would often be a Buddha but you could use any large beautiful object, from a piece of drift-wood to an unusual stone. It should be simple but exquisite and it -will slow Ch'i down and help purify it. Traditionally associated with your pleasure enrichment, a still object will allow you many happy hours relaxing and contemplating natural beauty or the perfection of a craftsperson's skill.


Our homes are where we socialize, bring up our children, live as a family and enjoy our relation- ships - some of us even work at home. Having a home that is comfortable and gives us pleasure is a dream we all have. Feng Shui is an effective way of examining where and how we live so that we know what to do to improve it. Once you've drawn up a ground plan of your home and checked with the Pah Kwa to see where each of the Eight Enrichments falls, you will have a much clearer idea of what you use each area for. Once you've done that you may not need to use any remedies at all - just change areas for improvement. It is important that you feel confident as you step out into the world from your front door.
If you step out from a cluttered, dark and badly decorated home you will not feel as powerful and confident than if you leave behind you a well ordered, clean, happy environment, especially one that is a joy to return to.


The rules governing Feng Shui at work are no different to those you use at home. First draw up a ground plan of your office, shop or factory. Overlay the Pah Kwa and see where everything falls. This can be an illuminating process. You may find your employees' rest area in your money enrichment or your cash register in your pleasure enrichment. In the context of work, the relationship enrichment would apply to your business contacts and partnerships; the children enrichment would apply to new projects or contracts; friends, ideally, would be your employees; and the health enrichment should correspond to your rest area. Fame and wealth remain the same.
If you work at home then you'll need to check where you've put your work area - ideally in your wealth enrichment and not in your pleasure enrichment (unless you really enjoy working). A successful actor might rehearse scripts best in his fame enrichment.


Check what buildings you have around you. Tall buildings to the west will provoke the unpredictable Tiger and cause your business to fail unless you remedy it with mirrors - use concave ones to make the buildings appear smaller. Tall buildings to the north are protective and good.
You should be wary of any stairs or escalators that are directly facing your main entrance: Ch'i will escape down them and take both your money and your customers with it.
Make sure your reception area is spacious and welcoming. Plants (with rounded leaves to represent money) are good to encourage customers.

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